What is a Bland Diet?
A bland diet is easily digested and low in fat. It usually is comprised of 1/3 protein to 2/3 bland fiber. Proteins consist of: boiled not fried (lean hamburger, chicken (no fat) or turkey), or cottage cheese. Bland fiber consists of: boiled white rice, plain oatmeal, canned pumpkin or boiled sweat potatoes. Never boil the rice in the same water as you boiled the meat in, as the fat will adhere to the rice. Hill’s also provides a special commercial bland diet, called I/D, which is available at our office.

An example of a simple homemade bland diet recipe is the following:

  • 1 cup of boiled hamburger, turkey, chicken, or cottage cheese mixed with
  • 3 cups of boiled white rice

Amount to feed of the homemade bland diet

Pups (up to 4 months of age)

Body weight:

5lbs ¾ of a pound daily (or 1 cup three times daily)
10lbs 1 ¼ pounds daily (or 1 2/3 cups three times daily)
20lbs 2 ¼ pounds daily (or 3 cups three times daily)
Adult dog
10lbs ¾ of a pound daily (or 1 cup three times daily)
20lbs 1 ½ pounds daily ( or 2 cups three times daily)
40lbs 2 1/3 pounds daily (or 3 cups three times daily)
80lbs 3 ¼ pounds daily (or 4 1/3 cups three times daily)

Offer the bland diet three times daily for five days unless otherwise recommended by your veterinarian.

If your pet improves on the bland diet on the fifth day start transitioning your pet back to his/her regular diet by mixing in your pet’s regular diet and continue until he is back on his regular diet. This transition period should take five to seven additional days.

If your pet begins to vomit during the bland diet or during the transition period, discontinue feeding the bland diet, and contact your veterinarian.